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Itlink provides a variety of network and computer related services, including network device inspection, computer maintenance, data backup support, social media management services, personal computer system reconfiguration, and email management services. These service portfolios provide comprehensive network and computer solutions aimed at assisting customers in maintaining the normal operation of technological equipment, improving performance, and ensuring the security and reliability of data and information.

We can provide professional support and solutions for both individual and corporate customers, allowing them to focus on their core business while maintaining a reliable and efficient technological foundation.

Network device inspection

Network device inspection is very important for the daily operation of enterprises and organizations. It can ensure the normal operation of network equipment, reduce network failures and downtime, and improve the reliability and stability of the network. In addition, network device inspection can also help enterprises and organizations protect network security, prevent data leakage and hacker attacks, and ensure network security and confidentiality.

Network equipment inspection

Network device inspection requires fast and accurate handling or troubleshooting of faults or issues that occur during device operation, regular maintenance and repair, as well as software and firmware updates.

Best practices for inspection

Strengthen communication and coordination with business departments, avoid adverse effects of equipment configuration changes or upgrades on business and users, and take corresponding security measures in a timely manner.

The importance of inspection

Regular inspection of network equipment is one of the important means to ensure the stability, efficient operation, and information security of network systems.

Computer maintenance

Maintenance inspection

The long-term operation of a computer is closely related to its hardware health. For this reason, it is crucial to regularly check the hardware health of the computer.

The importance of maintenance

Regular cleaning of the inside and outside of the computer is necessary, so it is important to remember that the computer must be cleaned on time, otherwise its performance will deteriorate.

Computer maintenance

Computer maintenance refers to the regular maintenance and upkeep of computer hardware and software to ensure their normal operation and extend their lifespan.

Social website management services

Social website management service is a service that provides management and operational support for social websites, with the main goal of providing a series of solutions to help social website managers better manage and operate the platform.

These services include user management, content management, community management, and data analysis to ensure the normal operation and user experience of the platform, as well as to ensure the order and harmony of social media sites.

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